Domestic Money Transfer

Domestic Money Transfer, a person-to-bank money transfer service giving the freedom to transact at any time anywhere across India.

Send money instantly to any bank across India.
Unbanked or banked can send money at the nonbanking hours.
Instantly access financial assistance in times of necessity.
Fund transfer to any bank account with basic details like Account number, IFSC code, Beneficiary & Bank name.

Inward Money Transfer

Easiest means to receive money from anywhere across the world, be it Gulf Countries , Europe, UK, USA, Africa etc. Riti Forex has close liaison with very strong and reputed market leaders to enable hassle-free and easy money transfers to India. These Overseas Principals provide quick, safe and convenient solutions for expatriates /NRI to send money back home to their relatives for Family maintenance or for tourists to receive money in need of emergency cash, for students and their parents who need to pay for education and accommodation. Giving prime focus to the needs of globe-trotters and expatriates, the service has been created after rigorous market research and analysis. It offers most customer-friendly charges, best exchange rates and continuous support.

Terms & Conditions : as per FEMA Guideline &KYC/AML/CFT POLICY

Our Partners : Western Union | Money Gram | Ria Money Transfer | Transfast.

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